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Professional Grout Bag FRENCH FABRICATION

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The PREDEL company, the specialist in manufacturing of Grout Bag for the Professionals since 1993, offers customers its range of equipments dedicated to the preparation of all the usual joints in buildings.

Brick joints, stony joints, the joints of stone floors will have no more secrets for you.   
The advantages over other systems are undeniable, no wearing parts, a low weight, a fast loading pocket and easy thanks to its large opening and a minimal price for performance results, it offerts its range of tools dedicated to making all the usual joints buildings.
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Our price list is given excluding of Tax.

10 % discount from 85 € purchase.
Average delivery time 4 working days.
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All solutions are possible, make your choice through our various articles.
You choose your items according to the joints you need to make.

You can through our website, order quickly, easily and receive your order within a very short time.

PREDEL Compagny : The best price for GROUT BAGS